BP Loyalty Card

Client: Sandboxx Studio
Created For: BP

In 2019 I worked as a 3D modeller for animation studio Sandboxx Studio on a project for their client, BP.

The project was to create a video for internal use at the company to train employees on how the BP Loyalty Card scheme works. This was done as a 3D animation, mainly set in and around a 3D BP Petrol Station, but which also included 2D motion graphics.

My role was to help Sandboxx with the modelling of props, vehicles, and both the interior and exterior of the petrol station itself. The modelling of characters and the environment surrounding the petrol station, 2D and 3D animations, shading, and rendering were handled by Sandboxx. I also did basic texturing which involved unwrapping and laying out UVs on an approved colour swatch grid.

The video on the right is a highlight reel, which mainly focuses on scenes that show the modelling I did.

The models were created in Blender 3D and then exported to Unity in FBX format where the scenes were animated and rendered. Some layout was done in Blender, but mostly it was assembled once in Unity. The models were kept to a low-poly style with some faces remaining faceted to enhance this style.

In addition to the forecourt, I also modelled the shop and cafe and all interior props, which included: food, drinks, shelving, coffee equipment and a cash machine. A basic shell of the building existed when I came onto the project in addition to the till model.

The shop was built, designed (based on photos of real BP shops) and laid out in Blender, fitting a grid system to allow easy reassembly of items in Unity.

A small part of the animation included a scene set in the 1920s to accompany a voice-over explaining that "customer loyalty used to be simpler". This required the modelling of a 1920s car and garage. Reference images were used in order to construct a realistic, timber frame garage and vintage pumps.

Being a petrol station, in addition to the 1920s car, several other vehicles were needed to populate the scenes. This included (from left to right) an SUV, a maintenance van and a slightly more stylised car variant. Originally the animated was going to be a more stylised with slightly exaggerated proportions. In the end this was reduced and the stylised car was replaced with the SUV.

A maintenance van was also used which included a roof mounted cherry picker. I also rigged the cherry picker in order to make sure the hydraulic pistons were of the right proportions to extend correctly.