'animation' Posts:

Solitaire Win Screen With Geometry Nodes

I just remade the 'Solitaire Win Screen' in Blender with Geometry Nodes:[...] This is what it looks like in the viewport; cards are instanced on curves which are instanced along lines, which are instanced along the x axis, so that the cards can appear in front of each other when looking through the camera.

Animation Nodes: An Experiment

I recently made my first foray in learning probably one of the most advanced Blender add-ons that exists: Animation Nodes (AN onwards). And by 'learning' I mean I've done one project in it and don't know when I'll do another.[...] Here is my first, and possibly last, test:

Lego Fluid Effect

I released a new video on youtube last week (inspired by this), the first in nearly a year. I think I can safely say it went down rather well, getting featured on BlenderNation, which helped it gain 10,000 views in just a few days.[...] As usual, this project went on longer than I wanted, growing from an idea of just showing the actual fluid part to deciding that it needed some context, meaning I felt I should add some type of scene, rather than just some bricks in blank space. I thought I should at least show the bricks appearing (I managed to resist having a submarine surface, I'll leave that for another day ;) ), and to have them appearing from somewhere I added a brick pile.

Slider Puzzle

Well the weeks have rolled on since my last video and finally the new effect is finished. This took a while...[...] This video will eventually lead to my first tutorial really that focuses solely on python in blender. The script I wrote can basically take a few parameters such as the grid size, the number of moves (to mix the puzzle, the more the better/slower) and the number of frames each move should take.

Inflating Text

Introducing my latest effect, Inflating Text:[...] So this effect was a real tough one, it was really difficult at times to get it finished. I had to switch techniques after having worked on it for a few days and had already given up on several other effects when I realised they wouldn't work, so it felt like it took a long time to complete.

Ice and Icing

I've put the rollercoaster project on hold for a bit. I did a bit of work on it the other day, which I'll talk about in a separate post, and I might work on it as a break from the current project but I just feel I should be focusing on work for my showreel.[...] While the rollercoaster project is something that will be included in my reel it's a bit more general than my modelling 'remit'. Sure, it has modelling, but it's focus is vfx which is a bit more general. I've always heard you should be quite specific in your reel and that it should clearly represent what you want to do so I'm working on a more modelling heavy project. I'm not going to talk about it at the moment, for some reason I like to keep most of my projects secret, as if I've got a huge audience waiting in suspense. But I'll do a few posts once it's out, it's a complex project (for me) so that may be a while.